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About Us

The RYGHT Pickup Pledge

RYGHT Pickup offers moving services to make your life easier. With our mobile app, RYGHT users can schedule item pickups or drop-offs at any time.   No phone call or in person appointment is necessary.   Users will also have access to:

Trusted Services

RYGHT Pickup verifies all partners with rigorous background checks before they can drive with us.   Ryght Partners and new users must create an account before using the app.   With verified accounts, users have access to secure transactions, professional service and a safe and secure experience.

Community-Based Moving

Because of our flat-rate services and low-cost mileage rates, RYGHT Pickup is helping create jobs and connect neighbors in local community.   Plus, RYGHT Partners get paid higher wages than other pickup and delivery services.

Effective Solutions

RYGHT Pickup does not believe in a “one size fits all” plan for pickups and drop-offs.   Our app allows every user to choose the moving solution that best fits their needs.   Whether you’re taking lumber home for an outdoor project, or you purchased a new TV from the store, our partners are available to help you get your items where they need to be.

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