RYGHT Pickup

Slide On-Demand Location-Based
Pickup & Delivery Platform

Ryght Pickup

Perfect for larger material goods, outdoor items, furniture, tall items.

Ryght Van

Great for transporting business supplies, or large/bulky items

Ryght Movers

Relocating? Get a moving truck to help get all your belongings from point A to point B.

Ryght Car

Instant pick up and delivery. Send items, deliver items, or use them as a courier service.

What is RYGHT Pickup?

RYGHT Pickup is the solution for moving items around town. In today’s world, people often encounter situations where they cannot move an item by themselves. With the RYGHT Pickup app, users can instantly find a local partner who can pick up their items and drop them off at any destination. With RYGHT Pickup’s instant delivery, get items delivered on the spot.

Our Mission

Instant Service

In seconds, RYGHT Pickup users can choose a local partner to help with item deliveries, in-store pickups, moving, hauling, and much more. RYGHT users can take advatage of our cost saving services, in-app tracking, and instant delivery.

Efficient Moving Solutions

Whether you need a courier van to deliver a mattress or a truck and trailer to haul building materials, our partners can handle all your items. We offer the perfect moving solution for whatever situation you’re in. 

24/7 Customer Support

With RYGHT Pickup, you’ll receive helpful resources and professional customer support. It is our job to make sure you get the delivery solutions you need. You’ll always getting the moving you need, when you need it most.

Community Connections

The RYGHT Users

Our Partners

Looking for a way to help your community? Becoming a RYGHT Pickup Partner allows you to help those in need. Whether you drive a car, truck, or van, you can assist your neighbors by offering instant pickup, delivery, and moving services. With RYGHT Pickup, partners choose all their jobs, and never drive more than they want. Our Partners arrive instantly for local pickup needs and deliver items in minutes!

Our Users

RYGHT Pickup is designed for everyone. If you purchase an item for at Target for in-store pickup, our partners can pick it up and deliver it to you. Need hotshot delivery for your products? Our partners will be there instantly. We understand that not everyone has a vehicle big enough to carry large items, so our service fills these gaps. Users can specify in our app, what type of vehicle they need. Whether you have limited space in your car, or need a truck and trailer for hauling, RYGHT Pickup can get you (and your items) on the move. Users will benefit from our wide range of vehicles, cheap prices, and efficient technology.

Quality Assurance

In the RYGHT Pickup app, users can view their partner’s vehicle, profile, and photo to make transactions easy. When their items have been delivered, users can leave feedback about their experience. We always recommend that users be present at their pickup or delivery locations. RYGHT Pickup users can move with confidence knowing that we have insurance to cover damaged, lost, or stolen items. We aim to offer instant pickup and instant delivery services for all users. When you choose a local Partner, you’ll get pickup on the spot and delivery in minutes.

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